TuneTrader – 2018

Ethereum based project allowing content creators to create their own ERC-20 tokens and trade them with their followers.

Project was implemented in solidity, vue.js, python and truffle. Metamask was used as base crypto-wallet. This was pretty long and difficult project. I was responsible for Full Stack implementation.

Github: https://github.com/robertmagier/TuneTrade

Heroku: https://tunetrader.herokuapp.com

Earthethereum – 2017

This was my first serious block chain project based on Ethereum Smart Contract. Earthereum is smart contract based strategy game where players buy countries and can attack each other and also pay for defences to protect themselves from attacks of their enemies.

There are three types of military attacks: infantry, tanks, air force. Each attack has different cost and different possibility to harm country being attacked.

It took me 4 months to deliver this product. It was very good learning experience. I was pretty new to Solidity and Vue.js so this was a good chance to learn new skills.

Technologies: Vue.js, Solidity, Python, Truffle, Metamask.

Github: https://github.com/robertmagier/earthereum